WellBAC™ Going Beyond The Standards


Product Safety

Milliken is the first carpet tile company to obtain the Declare Label with a red list free 3rd party verified designation. 

Polyolefin is a stable and non-reactive material commonly used  in household applications including food packaging.
Our secondary backing is 100% polyolefin based. 

WellBACTM products are Green Label Plus Certified, which ensures the lowest VOC emissions.



Moisture Management 

Milliken's active moisture-wicking technology-wicks moisture away from the sub-floor, transferring it to the tile edge, where it can evaporate through the seams. 

With Milliken's proactive approach to moisture management, conditions attractive to mold and mildew are greatly reduced.




Milliken's cushion reduces muscle fatigue from prolonged standing by 24%, providing noticeable underfoot comfort.

Milliken's WellBACTM solutions absorb up to 50% more noise than conventional hardback carpet tiles, making for a much quieter environment.





Our carpet is 100% recyclable.We recycle our manufacturing waste to make engineered plastic parts for various industries.
Our felt layer is made from recycled polyester ( PET). Every square meter of carpet tile uses 5 recycled water bottles.    

Our cushion is made from recycled polyurethane foam sourced from the automotive industry. 





All Milliken's products have US 3rd Party Testing Certifications meeting the highest demand for commercial carpet tile.  

Milliken provides a comprehensive lifetime warranty that covers 14 Key Performance Attributes:

- Face Fiber Wear
- Color Pattern Permanency
- Delamination of backing 
- Edge Ravel
- Tuft Bind
- Floor compatibility
- Flammability



- Cushion Resillency
- Dimensional Stability 
- Floor Release
- Moisture Resistance
- Anti-static
- Staining / Soiling Resistance ( StainSmart® )
- Antimicrobial Protection ( AlphaSan® )





Milliken's WellBAC solutions make carpet tile installation fast and easy:
- Enhanced dimensional stability and flatness, even in  extreme climatic conditions
- Non-reactive to floor adhesive residue
- Leaves no residue on the floor when replacing old carpet
- Easy to handle and cut
- Non-slip backing





TractionBack®is a unique factory-applied high friction coating which: 
- Enables easy uplift
- Eliminates the need to apply floor adhesives 
- Reduces installation cost
- Allows faster installation
- No VOC emissions, improving indoor air quality