Milliken Commercial Carpet Tiles

Milliken offers a full range of commercial carpet tile collections ranging from luxurious, premium constructions for executive areas and boardrooms to high-performance level-loop constructions designed to meet a budget. In addition, where statement and individuality are key, our quick and easy custom carpet tile design service enables the creation of bespoke, one-off designs.


With a broad range of construction types, budget options and aesthetic possibilities in modular carpet tiles, Milliken leads the way in the manufacture of carpet tiles offering high performance, sustainable floor covering solutions for offices, schools, retail and all facets of public spaces in the commercial market. With an integral cushion backing as standard on most collections, Milliken carpet tiles offer tangible ergonomic, and acoustic benefits making for exceptional office carpet flooring.


When choosing floor covering for a school or university, there’s more to consider than price and design alone.  The right flooring solution can have a profound effect on the educational environment as well as the learning ability, health and well-being of the students. With a vast range of carpet tile construction types and design options as well as LVT, Milliken has a floor covering solution for classrooms, study areas, student accommodation, libraries, dining areas and computer areas offering the perfect solution for the education sector.


Milliken’s carpet tile portfolio offers a range of design options that will enhance the brand image of any retail environment. In addition to a vast portfolio of standard tile designs, Milliken’s custom design service enables bespoke looks to be created quickly and easily. The modular format of Milliken carpet tiles is particularly suited to retail environments, offering a practical and flexible on-site installation solution. In addition, Milliken’s cushion backed carpet tiles provide underfoot comfort, with impressive acoustic properties that will ensure customers enjoy a better retail experience.

Public Space

Milliken carpet tiles can create a welcoming and long lasting floor covering solution that is able to withstand the heaviest levels of foot traffic. At the same time in public spaces such as airports, sports stadia and conference centres, Milliken’s unique design capabilities enable patterns that communicate a strong regional or brand identity via the floor plane.

Hospitality & Leisure

With decades of experience servicing the global hospitality market, Milliken has worked with many of the world’s largest hotel brands as well as some of the most stylish boutique hotels. With an expansive range of modular carpet tile and LVT collections, Milliken can provide floor covering solutions for most public and guest room areas, including ballrooms, meeting rooms, lobbies and guest rooms. Our vast portfolio includes expressive and stylish designs developed specifically for hospitality interiors and our custom carpet tile design service enables the creation of bespoke patterns unique to a hotel brand or reflective of its individual identity.

Well-being & Carpet Tiles

A carpet tile’s backing is critical to its performance, durability and appearance retention. It is also an important contributor to the well-being of a workplace’s occupants.  

The right backing will not only ensure the carpet tile remains dimensionally stable and flat on the floor, it can also provide acoustic insulation and sustainability benefits. Different environments call for different backing solutions and making the right backing choice is an important part of the carpet specification process. Milliken offers a range of innovative, practical and sustainable options.

Milliken’s cushion backing with 90% recycled content ensures our commercial carpet tiles offer very tangible health and well-being benefits. By providing a more comfortable carpet tile to stand or walk on, it reduces fatigue and through its acoustic properties, it reduces noise levels which can in turn positively impact stress levels. 

Cushion back carpet tiles will also last 40 to 50% longer than hardback carpet tiles as the cushion backing absorbs the effects of wear and protects the face of the carpet. Cushion backing also offers installation, ergonomic, safety and environmental benefits.